Project Description

Cypher Sessions:

Our Cypher Sessions program strives to empower members to reject the stigma and stereotypes imposed on black people by exposing the issues, highlighting the source, and advocating for a change. By creating this virtual sounding board, the intent of this program is to dispel hateful myths and misinformation about black culture, and actually change the national dialogue about true African American values. The ultimate goal and vision of this program is to establish an informed and cohesive agenda to address the critical issues plaguing the black community and demanding a change in attitudes, systems, practices and policies. More than ever, the voices of black people [and their allies ] are needed to combat the poorly depicted narratives that tarnish the true image of our families, communities, and culture.

The Cypher Sessions program will take place via speak out opportunities like panel discussions, blog and social media posts, in person/virtual interviews, town hall meetings, and other social forums. Successfully administering this program will result is a shift in attitudes, a change in the narrative about black culture, and an aggressive stand against the known issues effecting the black community.

If Black lives truly matter, your voice is needed. Join the cypher today!

“African-Americans are not a monolithic group. So, we tend to talk about the black community, the black culture, the African-American television viewing audience, but there are just as many facets of us as there are other cultures.”


Program Stats:

  • Cause Addressed: ALL

  • Approach: Awareness

  • Activity Status: Active

“You have to know the forces that are against you and that are trying to break you down. We talk about the problems facing the black community: the decimation of the black family; the mass incarceration of the black man; we’re talking about the brutality against black people from the police. The educational system.”