Here’s my two cents about Kaep & Cosby & Nike & Us…

…figured I’d join in because I see tweets and post all day comparing Bill Cosby to Brett Kavanagh, or a 17 year old Kavanagh to 13 year old Tamir Rice or an 80 year old Cosby to that white chick that lied on Emmet Till who happens to be the same age and honestly, this is frustrating. But I get it now… The only logical excuse is that black folks are, by definition, insane in the membrane. We have to be. If insanity is doing the same things over and over while expecting a different result, it perfectly defines us.

Black folk will complain about representation in Hollywood or the media but won’t cancel their cable subscription; would complain about banks but won’t move their account. We complain about injustices and respond with natures walks… I mean… protests in Washington DC or some other publicly defined location. Hell!!! We complain about the NFL yet won’t stand united for a man who lost his dream job for standing [well kneeling] in support of us.

Reality sat in for me this morning when I realized that strife in our communities perpetually occurs because we allow it. When North Carolina and Georgia passed that bathroom bill, almost every major corporation from Hollywood to professional sports organizations threatened to move productions and services in defense of the LGBTQ community. Name one organization that did that for black lives.

And forget mentioning Nike because that campaign did nothing for us except encouraged us to spend money. The Nike operations team are GRAND CHAMPS at seizing an opportunity; they saw a lane to acquire an influx in sales from the black community [at the beginning of the NFL season] and went for it. Not to mention the fact that they did so AFTER securing a multiyear, multi-million dollar deal with the NFL. Their campaign is hypocritical from their stand point of view because they sacrificed NOTHING and gained everything.

Bottom line: Black lives will only matter to “them” if it matters “us…” AS A WHOLE!!!

NO ONE feared black unity nor paid any attention to the black community or dollar until the rise of communities like the Hayti community [in Durham, North Carolina], the Sweet Auburn District [in Atlanta, GA], or the Greenwood Community [in Tulsa, OK]. These communities existed as segregated, black communities that flourished in the midst of oppression and discrimination, yet were destroyed by jealous [and racist] whites via race riot and biased policy making.


We can recreate these images and communities of black excellence AND DEFEND IT. Not for show or some cool PSA promo, but for the black condition, the black reality and the black future.

Do you not believe this???

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